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"The place was very clean and cozy and the service was superb. The prices were resonably cheap and food portions were generous. I highly recommend this place and am definitely going back there soon to try other foods on their menu." 



"Dudddeee...this place is da bomb!  I love their food!  Benny is an awesome owner who greets the customers and makes great suggestions for our cravings!  If you are ever in the area please check this place out.  My favorites are the green beans, har gau, mabo tofu, beef chow fun, fried rice, spicy squid...yum!  I'll be returning soon :)  Thanks Benny for making such great Chinese food!!"



"I highly recommend the Orange Chicken.  It's not the typical commercialized orange chicken like you get from "Panda."  It tastes different...better!  The presentation of the food was great!  It tasted as good as it looked. And it got me feeling full but not heavy.  All in all it was a great experience and we now stop here to get our take out when coming home from work."



"This place serves up some legit Chinese food which is sorely lacking in the City of Covina.  The chef knows what he's doing and the authentic flavor of the dishes is on par with some of the better Chinese restaurants in the Monterey Park area."



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